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Top Key Benefits of Garage Door Replacement

The benefits of garage door replacement Newport News VA are numerous. The main benefit is that your old, broken down, creaking garage door could be replaced by a newer, more energy-efficient door for around the same cost. For many homeowners, there are plenty of benefits to this type of project aside from the money saved on utilities; here are just a few:


  1. Energy savings

Although garage doors may not be responsible for anywhere near as much heat loss in your home as your front door, it is still a significant factor. According to EnergyStar, an average garage door loses around 30% of the heat in your home through its cracks and open tracks. Replacing your old garage door with a newer one will minimize this loss, and you may even notice that your house requires less heating when the door is replaced.

  1.   New look for your home

Installing a new garage door is an easy way to give your house a makeover. You may want to change the color of your garage door, or perhaps you want one that will stand out more than it does now; either way, this is very easy with garage doors because they are made in striking colors and designs. Don’t feel limited to the styles you see in your town, either. If you want a door that is specially ordered or painted at your local retailer, it can be done!

  1.   Safety

A new garage door will have safety features built-in that ensure the entire system functions properly. Many homeowners choose models with sensors for their openers to ensure that no accidents happen in their garage when the door is down. If your current garage door opener doesn’t have a backup system, it may be time for replacement too!

  1. More control over repairs and maintenance

Your new garage door will come with a warranty, and the company you buy from will probably offer some type of maintenance plan. Most likely, you’ll have a local garage door company that will service your new door when it needs repairs or replacement parts in the future. This allows you the convenience of having the work done at your home and saves you money on having to hire another contractor, such as a plumber or electrician, to make repairs to your home.

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