Tips for Dealing with Contaminated Soil
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Tips for Dealing with Contaminated Soil

You don’t need to own a big land to be concerned about soil pollution or soil contamination. Residential sites in urban areas can also harbor hazardous toxins and contaminants in their soils. If you’re having a tough time dealing with contaminated soil, it’s highly advised that you hire a credible soil recycle/disposal company like Enviro-Disposal Group.

Tips for Dealing with Contaminated Soil

Remediation and Mitigation Strategies

The factsheet suggests both remediation and mitigation strategies when it comes to dealing with polluted or contaminated soil. Mitigation strategies include reducing human exposure to plants through safe gardening practices, while the remediation strategies include removing contaminants and toxins, either through physical treatments or biological treatments. Physical treatments are adopted when biological practices don’t pay off.

Try Container Gardening

Container gardening and raised beds are the most effective non-remediation strategies for urban gardeners and farmers dealing with contaminated soil. According to a study conducted by a veritable source, raised beds play a vital role in minimizing exposure to contaminated land or soil. However, they require regular maintenance to achieve exposure reduction. The recommended maintenance involves replacing the top 3cm-5cm of soil with organic compost every year.

Hire a Soil Disposal Company

As already stated above, you should hire a soil recycle and disposal company to deal with contaminated soil with greatest accuracy. Since the market is full of novices, finding the right soil disposal services can be unnerving. There’re a number of factors you need to weigh prior to hiring anyone for your contaminated soil recycle and disposal.

The team at Enviro-Disposal Group is very committed to bringing you quality soil removal services at affordable rates. They have been recycling and disposing of contaminated soil for a very long time and understand how to meet the client’s requirements. You can contact them using the contact info available on the site.

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