Fire outbreaks have become rampant, and our products aim at making this statistic nonexistent with the help of house automation. With the effortless installation, our product guarantees our customers peace of mind through quality products. The new technology co-operated with our gadgets helps the individual to receive notifications upon an oven been overheated, turned on and off. Different niche from the population will be able to benefit from the endless services provided by the SafeOven.

How different niche of people benefits from the SafeOven.

The elderly.

Old age is catching up, and the mind tends to forget a lot of things — no need to worry any more. Our product is right here for you. Are you having an older adult in the building and often worried if they turned the electric cooker or gas or not? The installation of our SafeOven will help you monitor the oven activities at the palm of your hand by using your phone, so you can remind the elderly to turn off the oven if you receive notification that the furnace is being over-heated. Alternatively, you can connect the safeoven the elderly person phone.

The children.

Curiosity is common among children. Some of them may put up a fire in the kitchen to see how it appliance work. However, the hazardous effect that may result from curiosity is very massive. Fortunately, our products will be able to notify you if the oven is turned on and you will be able to reach it out before distraction initiates.

How do SafeOvens favour rental owners and commercial spaces?

Individuals who are renting or working in a commerce space tend to misuse the appliances available. However, our SafeOver aids owners monitor the number of units being used and also adjust the management of the machines.

Competitive advantage and core competence.

Our products have unique features that will attract customers to purchase them. Our detector not only makes noise to alert you the oven is on; it also sends you notifications to your mobile phone with an option of turning it off or notifying another number on the account. We also automate the device to turn off the unit if notifications are not responding.

Physical features.

  1. Flexible arms.

To install our cables, you need to bend them to fit the SafeOven or underneath the stock. The cable material is tan gable hence natural flexibility.

  1. Compatible plug.

SafeOven is consistent with the dual dominant high-current plugs in the united states, Canada, and other countries. These plugs are called NEMA 1050-R, and NEMA 1450-R and both of them rates for 50 Amps at 250V ACafter we receive orders from our customers, we reach out to them to see which of the product type is suitable for their kitchen. Usually, Older houses utilize the lower NEMA plug (1050-R) 1050-R, and newer homes use 1450-R.

Other specializations in our products are;

Wi-Fi modem 802.11W, Bluetooth 4.0

Male cable length of 1.5 feet and female cable length of 1FT.

Internal power consumption 1watt.