Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

Riccar Vacuum Cleaners – How to Clean Sofa to Remove Diverse Types of Dirt

Even with children and pets at home, it is not difficult to keep the cleanliness of your sofa up to date. It may seem like a daunting task, especially if the dirt has been around for a long time, but with a few tricks you can give your loyal season mate a new look.

Always vacuum

If the pads are removable, remove them and wipe the small nozzle of the vacuum cleaner in every corner. After you do this, put the pads back and vacuum them over. With that, the dust is gone and the pet hair is gone. Some models even have specific Riccar Parts to remove hair.

Do not take long to clean

Coffee dropped or the dog peed on the pillow? If you are nearby, be quick and clean before the liquid is completely dry, which will make it easier to get out and avoid the bad smell. If you arrive late from work and it is already dry, no problem, it will leave as soon as you clean it, but you may have to work a little harder to remove everything.

Fabric Types

The type of flooring on your sofa will make all the difference when cleaning. See what the ideal process is for each:

Leather and suede

They are the toughest and strongest, great options for sharp cat and dog-tooth claws and resistant to liquid splash. Its cleaning is done only with damp soapy cloths. Cleaning products here will only give you more headache as they can stain the surface.

Linen, twill and cotton

They are also good options when sharp nails are nearby, but do not have the same liquid resistance as previous fabrics. In them, what will help you in cleaning are damp cloths with detergent or coconut soap. Never use washing powder because it can stain the fabric.