Metal Roofing Structures - When Is This System Worth Using

Metal Roofing Structures – When Is This System Worth Using?

Metal Roofing Structures - When Is This System Worth Using

Before deciding to build a metal roof, some precautions must be observed:

1- Every roof has a basic sealing function, that is, it must separate the covered environment from the external environment, protecting against rain, humidity, thermal variations and in some cases, also against chemical agents present in the atmosphere. The type of structure and tiles must be selected taking these factors into account.

2- In addition to the function of sealing, the roofs also have an aesthetic function, offering the building a visual identity in line with the need for architectural design.

3- It is necessary to assess the impact of the type of roof selected during the life of the building. For example: an unpainted galvanized steel tile can become a nuisance to neighbors due to the reflection of sunlight, or the selection of a single sheet metal tile may not be suitable for use in an event hall.

4- The temperature is a decisive factor, therefore, the type of thermal insulation must be well chosen, in addition to developing a good natural ventilation system with air changes that allow the proper dissipation of the heated air.

5- The metal roofing Erie Pa must be designed to facilitate maintenance.


  • It is the cheapest way to build a durable roof;
  • The assembly is quick and the maintenance is simple;
  • It is also light, relieving the structure and the foundations (economy);
  • If properly designed, it can be disassembled;
  • Can come painted at the factory, on one or both sides, giving aesthetics.


  • The thermal insulation is very bad, and its use in closed environments with a ceiling height of less than 4m is not feasible;
  • May cause inconvenience due to rain noise, mainly hail;
  • In the case of garages, especially condominiums, attention should be paid to the reflection of the sun on the windows of apartments and neighbors.