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How to Choose the Ideal Blind – Tips to Get You Inspired

The blinds left corporate environments and gained more cozy versions to inhabit our homes. In addition to being practical, they are a good outlet for allergic residents because window coverings Tempe accumulate less dust than fabric curtains. With varied prices and styles, there are options for all tastes, such as vertical, horizontal, roller, Roman, and various materials, such as pvc, wood and even bamboo curtains.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a blind, you can buy a ready-made window coverings Phoenix, but if your window is a larger size, meaning non-standard or you want something custom, order it to measure. But among so many options, how to choose the ideal model? Check out below what you need to take into account when choosing yours.

Ardy’s Gallery of Window Coverings - tempe

  1. Think about the purpose

Is the idea just to decorate, completely darken, have privacy or control the light? Each blind model serves a different purpose. Therefore, assess the needs of your environment first and foremost.

  1. Installation 

Drywall or wood walls may not withstand the installation of heavy shutters. Be aware of this when choosing your material!

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  1. Measurements

If the installation is recessed into the window, the curtain must be the same size as the opening. But, if you exceed the window limits, the recommendation is to advance 10 cm to each side (the same measure applies to above and below). As for the length, large doors and windows call for long shutters. On small windows, the short length works well.

  1. Control of brightness

If the space receives a lot of sunlight and you need to protect the furniture during some hours of the day, opt for a light barrier model, such as blackout or roller. Vertical blinds, which can be made of PCV or fabric, or those made of panels, are also suitable for this purpose.