Handcrafted Fountain Pen Wide Nib, Unique Fountain Pen Set With Complementary Ink Refill Converter & Elegant Wood Case

Elegantly Handcrafted Fountain Bamboo Pen combines a very simple yet sophisticated design that looks super awesome in your hands. Designed with modern writing needs in mind, our calligraphy fountain pen is made of the best quality natural materials to provide you with the ultimate comfort while writing.

  • Ideal Pen for Calligraphy and both right and left handed writers, bringing you a very comfortable grip for a smooth writing. Whether you’re looking for a signing pen or calligraphy pen, this is the right pen your money can money. As a business professional, your writing and signature should be adored to leave a great impression on others.
  • Stylish, Antique and Elegant Gift for work colleagues, writers, business executives, creative types and your friends and loved ones. This calligraphy pen, beloved by both men and women, embodies class and beauty necessary to impress anyone. With this pen, you get no smudges and enjoy a flawless, smooth writing on the go.  Our Fountain Pen Gold sports a distinguished design manufactured with an accurate weight-comfort ration to make sure you get optimal performance. You don’t need to worry about skipping, smudging and slowing down while capturing a creative idea and perfectly-worded catchphrase.
  • Suitable for All Types of Paper and features a fine gold-plated 5mm nib and refillable ink converter, brining you everything necessary to take your writing experience to the next, new level. The fountain pen also accepts standard size ink refills or cartridges to make it an ideal choice from all aspects.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our customer’s peace of mind. If you aren’t satisfied with our product, send us an email as we’re always here to help you with whatever you need.


Product Description:

Our Unique Bamboo Fountain pen brings you the ultimate comfort and style. It combines a gold-plated 5mm nib allowing you to write smoothly without making any smudges. It is designed with modern writing needs in mind to ensure you get nothing but extraordinary performance you can’t get with any other fountain pen of this price range. Made of 100% pure natural bamboo, our fountain pen gold features a very distinguished design with the perfect weight-comfort ratio to provide you with optimum performance. Our fountain pen set comes with complementary ink refill converter and elegant wood case, making it an ideal choice from all aspects. It comes wrapped in a matching bamboo gift case to accommodate your gift-giving needs.

Suitable for all kinds of papers and both left and right handed writes, our calligraphy pen is the best your money can buy and an ideal gift for your work colleagues, writers, business executives, friends and loved ones. Our objective is to provide you with masterful writing instruments at a very economically price you can’t resist. From barrel to nib, everything is perfectly managed and handcrafted to meet the present day writing needs and to create the perfect balance between elegance and comfort.

Product Details

Cap – Elegantly designed cap looks super stunning both when fixed and removed.

Nib/Tip – Top-of-the-line materials have been used in the making of gold plated nib to ensure you enjoy flawless writing with utmost precision.

Pen Body – When it comes to interior or body, our fountain pen is unrivaled. Everything is perfectly designed and managed to present a great look.

Additional Information:

The finish of the pen or texture of the color may vary due to natural bamboo wood color. Ink cartridges or refills are not included with this fountain pen.

How to Use Directions:

Gently remove pen’s cap and unscrew the body to expose Empty Converter. Our bamboo fountain pen has a special piston sort of refill converter inside, allowing you to draw the ink into the pen using pen tip. All you need is to twist Cartridge Knob to draw ink into the pen. Our pen accepts standard short-sized pre-filled cartridges that will last according to your use. Always use a soft cloth or duster to wipe extra any excess ink. Now reassemble everything the way you detached and enjoy flawless, smooth writing with our bamboo fountain pen.

Inside the Box:

1 x Bamboo Fountain Pen along with Gold-Plated Fine Medium NIB

1 x Complementary Elegantly-Designed Matching Bamboo Gift Box

100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

We are pretty sure you’ll have no regrets investing in our Bamboo Fountain Pen, instead you’ll have positive and great things to say about this calligraphy fountain pen.  In case you aren’t satisfied with our product, we offer full money back guarantee for your peace of mind.