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Foolish Fads: 5 Home Decor Trends to Avoid When Selling Your House

Our homes are our sanctuaries and when we decorate them, we want it to highlight our hobbies, personality, and the like. As much time and energy as you spend in making your home truly yours… It’s a sad day when we have to roll up our sleeves and undo all of the design choices simply because we’re going to be selling it in the near future.

You can minimize the amount of work you have to do prior to selling simply by avoiding these five home decor trends all together. Let’s take a look at them now!


1. Accent walls

For a while there, didn’t it seem like every home improvement show featured at least one accent wall? Either the wall would be painted a bold color, feature an interesting wallpaper, or use some other sort of design elements that were just… too much. A good rule of thumb for would-be sellers is to have a neutral base (meaning walls, ceiling and floors) and let your personality and love of colors shine with art, fabrics, and accessories.

2. Tile countertops

Tiled countertops used to be all the rage back in the 70s and 80s, and much like everything else from that era, it’s making a comeback. Sort of. Tile countertops are affordable options if you want unique counter space, but if your kitchen doesn’t already feature one, you should not build one from scratch. The problem with tile countertops is that they aren’t the easiest to keep clean. Sure, you can wipe them down and spray them with disinfectant, but overtime the tiles will look worn and the grout will get stained. Instead of tile countertops, stick to the classic marble, granite, quartz or even butcher blocks.

3. Wall paper

If you look at Pinterest or Instagram for interior design ideas, you’re probably seeing a lot of bold wallpaper being featured in various rooms. The thing about wallpaper is that it probably won’t appeal to a lot of people. Home buyers prefer wallpaper-free, neutral colored walls because it’s easier for them to picture their belongings in the space. Plus, if they do decide to repaint, they won’t have to worry about the costly and time consuming task of removing the wallpaper.

4. Above-the-stove microwave

It’s not unusual for homes with little counter space to feature an above-the-stove microwave. While it may be a space saving solution, buyers today aren’t so keen on this feature. Not only does it date a kitchen (especially if the microwave is anything but stainless steel), but since it’s high up, the microwave may not be accessible for everyone in the family. Instead, consider putting a microwave under the cabinets, below a kitchen counter, or installed in the kitchen island.

5. Bold bathrooms

The proverbial throne room, this should be one of the few places where you can truly let your personality shine right? Not so much. While it’s true that folks love a newly renovated bathroom (or at least one that doesn’t look like it’s 50 years old), buyers usually prefer a bathroom where white is the primary color. White makes your space look larger, but it also gives off “spa” vibes, which is always a welcome feeling.

Home decor trends are always changing

Much like anything else, home decor trends tend to come and go pretty regularly. You might fall in love with one trend and want to feature it somewhere in your home, which is perfectly fine! Except when you’re going to sell your house, you need to be mindful of the person who’ll be buying it from you. Chances are they aren’t going to be as head over heels with that funky mosaic tile in the kitchen or the bold wallpaper in the half bath.

Remember, buyers gravitate toward neutrals!