Benefits of Prehung Interior Doors

Benefits of Prehung Interior Doors

Prehung interior door is very simple and fast to install. When you need to remold or build a new house, using this door will help in saving both money and time. This kind of door swings like French door and double door. Installing prehung interior doors is simple even for any layperson.

Kinds of doors

Empty core prehung door is the most frequent kind of door available in market. It has a little weight and is also very stylish in its look. One problem with the empty core kind of door is that it is not insulated against noise. Noise can go through an empty core simply. This empty core is available in quite a few wood finishes, and may be painted to match present wall or wood paint.

Solid core prehung door lies between an empty and solid core door. Solid door generally has a thin exterior covering. It requires a little more effort to install and has much greater weight. It can also block more noise than empty core door.

Solid door has also greater weight and has even higher price. It comes in every wood variety and can be painted, coated with varnish or stained.

Some prhung doors are available as pre-trimmed. It helps in saving money, energy and time. If your chosen door is not pre-trimmed, you have to purchase its casing and cut it prior to install it. It makes installation process easier and quicker.

Before you buy a prehung interior door, you have to reach to some conclusions. You will need to decide how the door will move backward and forward. Some people decide it according to light button wherever it is located. If moving to opposite side of light button then switching on the light will be difficult. Other thing to consider is doorway size.