Avoid Major Forms of Water Contamination

Avoid Major Forms of Water Contamination

Today we often find news about the alarming situation of water in the oceans. This kind of problem has serious consequences for nature and humanity, after all, water is one of the most valuable assets we have for our survival.

What do you need to know about the forms of water contamination?

In general, water contamination consists in the entry of substances that negatively modify the characteristics of the aquatic environment, compromising its use.

In short, contamination is directly related to natural decomposition capacity. That is, when the entry of effluents into the water exceeds its natural purification capacity, its contamination is characterized.

Problems caused by water contamination

To better explain the impacts of contaminated water, keep in mind that there are two types of water in the world: surface and underground. In the first case we are referring to rivers, oceans, seas, lakes, lagoons, etc. In the second, it is the water table. In practice, this division is illustrative only; essentially all water bodies are part of hydrological systems – known as watersheds.

For example, rivers are fed by groundwater, which in turn is fed by rain; or rivers feed seas and oceans, whose water evaporates and turns into rain, maintaining the entire water cycle. As such, water pollution can come from many sources.

How to avoid water contamination

The main public measure to prevent water contamination is well-implemented sanitation strategies. However, it is noteworthy that this term refers to several actions developed to improve population health and environmental quality. Within this context, the main measures are:

  • Correct disposal of waste: Separate dry and damp waste at home, for example;
  • Environmental education, especially regarding the conscious use of water;
  • Sanitary landfills with sealed soil to prevent contamination of groundwater;
  • Water treatment before releasing it back to the public network.

These were our tips on how to deal with forms of water contamination. The disposal of contaminated soil is also a great solution. If you enjoyed this article, visit website too to contact us to know all about our enviro recycling group.

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