5 Advantages of White Roof

5 Advantages of White Roof

The white roof is a practical and low-cost solution to reduce the temperature in environments, according to researchers.

Studies prove that painting a roof white can reduce the temperature in environments between 40% and 70%, with the ability to also reduce UV rays by up to 96%, and reflect 80% more sunlight, which can generate savings in electricity around 30% in buildings.

5 Advantages of White Roof

Discover the Advantages of the White Roof:

  1. Decrease in heat islands

Heat Islands is the name given to a climatic phenomenon that occurs mainly in cities with a high degree of urbanization. In these urban areas, temperatures can range from 1 to 6°C higher compared to nearby rural areas.

  1. Decrease in CO2 emission

CO2 is the chemical representation of carbon dioxide (also known as carbon dioxide), it is a chemical compound made up of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom. Currently, it is one of the great problems of modern society due to the burning of fossil fuels (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, mineral and vegetable coal). The large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is harmful to the planet, as it causes the greenhouse effect and, consequently, global warming.

  1. Reduces energy consumption

The environments are less hot with the use of white roof, reflecting solar radiation, there is less need to use air conditioners, fans and air conditioners. On average, it takes 20-70% less energy than before to cool the environment.

  1. Helps to reflect the sun’s rays

The white color reflects solar radiation, reducing heat absorption. The darker the paint, the more the surface absorbs sunlight and the warmer the environment becomes.

  1. Longer service life for roofs

Application is easy, and right after application you can feel the effect of the temperature difference. Specific paints waterproof and protect the roofs, preventing the proliferation of fungi. Maintenance is normally applied every 5 years.

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