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4 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe from Garage Door

We all love our pets, and we want them to stay safe every time. While garage door keeps our home safe, they pose a risk to your pets and their well-being. Following, we are suggesting a few tips that will assure the safety of your pets.

  • Pet Door

Homeowners keep their garage door opened and use it as a veritable pet door. Doing this often ages your garage door, and you need to call Garage Door Repair Service Marina Del Rey to keep it working.

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Doing this ruins the springs, so instead of keeping the garage door cracked door open, it gives your pet access to your home without creating any issue. Installing a pet door prevents a lot of these issues.

  • Safety Features

Regularly test the safety features of your garage door including reversing mechanism. Testing reverse mechanism is easy, just put a roll of paper towel across threshold. When closing door senses something in its way, it should reverse at the moment.

If it doesn’t, then you better call a Garage Door Repair service. A professional service will identify and repair the issue with reversing system.

  • Know it’s Whereabouts

Pets like to hide in all sorts of places, even when the garage door is raised. Therefore you need to assure your pet isn’t sleeping on the path before you raise or lower it. While the door is equipped with safety features like reverse mechanism, you can’t always count on them, especially if your garage door is old.

Make sure your pet is safe by knowing it’s whereabouts every time.

  • Schedule Maintenance

The best way to assure your pet stays safe is having your garage door maintained on regular basis. Call in Garage Door Opener Installation twice or thrice every year to assure your garage door is properly working. Find a trustworthy who can take care of every detail.